Meet Spencer

Hello, I would like to share my story. It all started with me being 39 weeks pregnant and I had what I thought was the flu. Fever, chills, general not feeling well. I went into my midwife appointment and had high blood pressure so was sent to the hospital to be induced. I delivered a perfectly healthy baby boy and went home. 2 days later during the night I noticed his temp go up just a bit and his breathing had become a bit laboured. We took him into our local children's hospital and were put under observation for 6 hours. While at the hospital within that first hour his temp went away and breathing became normal. So we went home thinking everything was good. 4 days later.... He stopped breathing and went limp in my arms. I started CPR and my husband called 911. We live within 20 minutes from a major children's hospital so when we got there they worked on him for almost 2 hours. They told us he had had a heart attack. They put him on life support (ECMO) thinking it was a bacterial infection that could be fixed. It took a couple days... But it came back with him bring positive for Enterovirus which in turn gave him myocarditis and killed his heart muscle. He spent 17 days on life support, unfortunately it became apparent he could not recover and support was pulled. 

This virus has turned my life upside down. I can no longer work, have anxiety and I'm over worried about my older child and sickness... In this day and age with our medical system I never even knew something like this was possible . Even with Spencer's short time here on earth I feel he was meant to do great things. Such as spread awareness of this debilitating virus. Spencer Chan May 17-June 10, 2016