Raising Global Awareness

The EVF Foundation was founded by Rachel Landphere and enterovirus survivor Lisa Faust in 2009.  At a time when there was little to no enterovirus or survivor resources, the EVF Foundation’s was born to address a gap the Lisa experienced as she suffered with enterovirus and searched for information and support.

The purpose of the Enterovirus Foundation remains raising global awareness of enterovirus by providing resources and an advocacy platform where those impacted could find support, research and resources needed to understand the impact of the virus and improve prevention.  In addition, fundraising efforts are important to support expanding awareness, advance research and fund clinical trial developments of enterovirus.



The EVF Foundation exists to empower those impacted with enterovirus – survivors, families, caregivers, researchers, physicians – with user-friendly information, personalized support, research information and fundraising solutions for ‘shining the light’ on enterovirus so prevention and treatment options gain greater awareness and support locally and globally.

Please join us in the fight.  Connect with us here and on our social pages to let others know the importance of this work to fight enterovirus. 

Only together, can we have the power to make a difference.

The Enterovirus Foundation is committed to improving communication about enterovirus research, associated diseases, diagnosis, and treatment options. Please contact us with any questions under our Contact Us section of the website.


The Enterovirus Foundation
268 Bush Street, #4044
San Francisco, CA 94104
PH 415-393-9558

The Enterovirus Foundation is a 501(c) (3) charity that raises money to support global enterovirus awareness and funding to researchers in the field of enterovirus research to improve diagnosis methods and treatment options.

100% of funds raised by the Enterovirus Foundation go directly to fund awareness and research efforts.