Adults With Enterovirus

Adults who become infected by a form of enterovirus typically display no or mild symptoms. However, this can vary greatly and depends on the strength of the infected individual’s immune system and ability to fight through the symptoms.   The full spectrum of clinical manifestations of acute enterovirus infection have not been fully reassessed in the modern era because no study has looked for the viral protein in tissues. The disease is only defined by finding the live virus in patients. No matter what the age, it is always important to practice good disease prevention steps, like frequent hand washing, staying current with vaccines and avoid potentially contaminated water.



To minimize and avoid spreading or catching enterovirus, you should always protect yourself and your children by following some of these steps to stay healthy:

  • Wash hands correctly and frequently, using soap and water for a minimum of 10 seconds before rinsing.  Antibacterial gels and soaps do not eliminate enterovirus so only use soap and water for this purpose.  Please see our Hand Washing kit as well to wash enterovirus out of your community.
  •  Always avoid touching eyes, nose, mouth or open wounds with unwashed hands.
  • Always avoid close contact with others, such as kissing, hugging or the sharing of items where the virus can be transmitted such as cups, eating utensils and toothbrushes. 
  • Always remember to cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing with a tissue, shite sleeve or other item to avoid using your uncovered hands.  Properly dispose of tissues immediately after use and wash hands for additional protection.
  • Frequently clean and disinfect – preferably with Clorox - surfaces where the virus can easily spread, like on toys, door and appliance knobs, handles, container lids and countertops.
  • To minimize the spread of enterovirus, always stay home when sick and keep children out of school or populated areas like church, malls, airports or amusement parks.

Remember, if you think you or your child may have enterovirus, please consult your doctor immediately and take all precautions to avoid spreading the virus through frequent and correct hand washing.