Waller family starts program to help Special Ed teachers

Andy Waller is grateful. He’s grateful to spend time with his wife, Suzie, and daughters Ava, Sydney and newborn Ryan. Grateful to teach special education children. Grateful for the ample support he has received from his community following his son Eli’s death. And every day, Waller is grateful that Eli’s legacy is not only captured in his First Day of School Foundation, but also through family conversations, marvelous galas, and jokes made at dinner time. Read More

A Vaccine For Type 1 Diabetes Begins Human Trials in 2018

A prototype vaccine, decades in the making, that could prevent type 1 diabetes in children is ready to start clinical trials in 2018.

It's not a cure, and it won't eliminate the disease altogether, but the vaccine is expected to provide immunity against a virus that has been found to trigger the body's defences into attacking itself, potentially reducing the number of new diabetes cases each year. Read More